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Editorial Portraits for the Modern Dog Mom

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Boudoir for dog people

Pets are woven into our identity as a woman - a fierce, hard-working, adventurous woman. Honor them with an editorial art portrait.

Boudoir for Dog People portraits are editorial portraits for the modern dog mom. They show an inseparable bond between woman and animal. 

Studies have shown that women who own pets, especially dogs feel more grounded, secure, and comforted. Women who also own pets are more independent, tend to live a healthier lifestyle, and are generally happier human beings!

Pets are with you through college, break-ups, new jobs, new homes, marriage, children. They are woven into our identity as a woman - a fierce, hard-working, adventurous woman. I want to display that bond in a minimal black and white portrait. No fuss, just your badass self and a part of your heart in the shape of a dog. (or whatever animal that has helped you grow)

All shoots are in-home studio set-ups (with on location exceptions). May take anywhere from 1-3 hours, including set-up and break down times, and can include up to 20 images (although it all depends on the behavior of your pet!) - professionally edited. Products and prints sold separately. Sessions begin at $500.00 

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"I moved to Austin when I was 19 and there was a girl on my apartment floor with a mini aussie pup. I fell in love with that dog. I was very depressed at the time and began to dream of having a dog of my own to love. The next year I got River. He is my boy. He has been through a lot with me over the last 4.5 years. 2 apartments, 1 house, road trips, break ups, and a move to Europe. Mom said he waited for me every day for 6 months. When I got back I felt guilty for leaving him and realized he needed a friend, so that’s when Raine came along. He acts like she annoys him but when no one’s looking, they’re obsessed with each other and play all day. My fam feels complete. They follow my every move and the house would feel so empty without them. I love them so much. I’ve done boudoir before but it’s not something I do often so it is pretty scary being so vulnerable and exposed! But honestly Laura was great. It was the first time we really spent some time together and it felt like we were old friends. I had a lot of fun and so glad I did this! Even better that my fur babies were involved. It was entertaining for sure.I can’t wait to see the final images and to hang them on my wall! It’s going to be such a nice reminder everyday of what a badass I am "

Lauren + River + Raine

"I love my pups so much! Shy is a 65 lb Plott hound/ Pitty mix, and Ladybug is a 5 lb Yorkie/ Chihuahua mix.I found Shy when I was running errands one day. I pulled up to a red light right in front of The Humane Society in North Austin, and felt like I just had to go in and play with some puppies. As soon as I saw Shy my heart melted. She was so calm and sweet and kept putting her paw up to the cage like she was reaching out to me. I couldn’t leave her behind. I took her home at 4 months and now she’s 4 years old. That was the best decision I’ve ever made. She is the best snuggle buddy and LOVES going swimming and playing fetch in the greenbelt. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she will DESTROY some plushies. Ladybug will be one this summer! I got her last year when a friend’s dog had an unexpected litter. Shy wasn’t thrilled when I first brought her home, but it wasn’t long before they were buds. Ladybug follows her big sis around everywhere. They’re such an unexpected duo, and Bugs has so much confidence and just hops around everywhere. She has no problem keeping up in the greenbelt, but also loves her spa days at the groomers. I was so excited to do such a fun shoot with my dogs! I was a little nervous right before, but as soon as Laura arrived I was immediately at ease. We started shooting and I felt so confident, and after seeing the images I couldn’t believe that was me in the photos! Such a great experience, and Laura is so fun to work with, extremely professional, and she was so patient with my dogs!"

sarah + shy + LAdybug

"Having dogs has changed my life in so many ways. I have gone through some tough times, as we all have. Anytime I am feeling down or unsafe, my dogs remind me that they are here to love & protect me. Lilo is always the first one to sense my moods & share her love with me.The bond I have with my pups is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. It hasn’t always been rainbows & butterflies with these two. Juniper the youngest(1yr) was an addition to the family that was a bit unexpected. I was in a serious relationship with someone & we agreed we wanted a puppy for Lilo to have as a buddy. We just LOVED how Weimaraner’s looked & acted from what we saw online. We got Juniper in March of 2018. If only we knew we were going to break up that October after about 4 years. She was a very tough pup to raise. She was still on a bottle when we got her. Raising her took a lot of time away from our relationship. As my bond grew stronger with Juniper, my bond with my partner was almost nonexistent. It wasn’t easy to change my entire life with these 2 pups in tow but, man was it satisfying. Lilo, Juniper & myself made a new/healthier life for ourselves. I finally found a job that I can perfectly balance my time so I can be more present for them & still pay my bills. We spend almost everyday hiking the greenbelt. I am so happy that they are finally best buds. This is my girl gang & I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. GIRL POWER! PUPPY POWER!"

savannah + juniper + lilo

“Those who teach the most about humanity, aren't always human.”


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